Thursday, January 23, 2014

Found a Frame!:

This is crazy.  I found a frame for the German Shepherd painting. Actually I already had it.  I just didn't know it would work.  See, my neighbor moved out like two years ago and he left a bunch of stuff behind. The cleanout crew that came over to ready it for the bank to sell cleaned out what was left. We helped them.  There were two huge identical safari tiger prints framed and a couple other framed art left behind too.  I took the tigers and two other framed pieces of art.  There was a duck picture also in a frame whom I gave to a friend and neighbor.  Anyway, that friend was supposed to take the tigers too but didn't.  His son liked tigers but we never gave him one of the tigers yet. So they've been sitting behind my sofa for the longest time.  I kept thinking they were not big enough so I never checked.  Well, yesterday, I pulled one out and measured it and it was exactly one inch bigger than the shepherd's canvas all over which would put the center about right. I grabbed it and took it to my brother's house and set the German Shepherd in the center on top of the glass.....LIKE A GLOVE!  So I had to pop the staples out the back and remove the tiger print and the matt around it, removed the glass and cleaned that with vinegar.  I slipped the shepherd painting behind it and it fits perfectly in the frame. Couldn't ask for a better fit.  I put the glass back to see if it would work with the glass in it, and it's still fitting.  I'm going to go to Michael's craft store tomorrow and get some of those uneven frame brackets that screw the canvas to the frame itself on the back, and a hanger attachment for it.  They run about $1.99 for 8 brackets. The hanger clip is probably another $2.  The only thing I don't like about the frame is it's a wooden frame coated in a varnish but it has some sort of a lighter dull paint antiqued on it and everwhere there is a crevice, it's showing up a dull lighter color in it.  Almost like it's dirty and dusty.  I kept cleaning it and cleaning it and the dust in the edges wasn't coming up.  Then I realised it's a painted on effect of some sort.  So I think what I'm going to do is take the frame back to my house and put some stripper on it and strip the thing as much as possible.  Then restain it.  If it doesn't work or look right,  Hell, I've got another tiger print in another identical frame I can use as a backup, plus I can also always just paint the whole frame black. But anyway, I found a frame and it didn't cost nothing.  Lucky me.

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