Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Charity Painting For Cop Week:

Update- Pictures added April 6,  6:01 PM

It's that time again.  The cops down at the LGBT Fallen Cops group are having their annual Cop Week thing again and I've been asked to donate another painting for their Silent Auction.  And I always do something animal themed, and something cop themed. Well, last year I focused on the fallen Firefighters but it's all relative. 

The year before that it was both Cops and Firefighters.

 This year, I'm going Cop theme again.  
I'm doing a police horse with a police K9.

So I'll add the new pictures to the bottom as I go. I keep forgetting how I do it.  If I put the newer pictures at the top or the bottom.  I'll add them to the bottom so that way when you scroll down the progress doesn't look backwards. And as always I'll edit this single post when I add new images. I will change the date at the top of the post so people know there's new updated pictures added below.

I'm at a stopping point right now.  It always looks like a deranged water color when I first start them, but it'll improve as I go.  They always do. This is just the base coloring.  I added more and more shading, antiquing, washes, highlights, and details as I go layer by layer.

New Pictures Below.

Ok another update. Boy, it's really hard to get good quality photographs of the progress.

I'm sorry, these progress shots really suck.  I think it's the lighting in the room I'm painting in.  I have a lamp shining directly on the canvas and everytime I take a picture of it, I set it down in a chair that's directly across from the chair I'm sitting in painting with the lamp behind me shining on it. I opted not to use the flash because it's picking up little speckles from the texture of the canvas and the images don't look as good when I do so I'm doing it without the flash and it's just all blurry.  I think I just don't have the lamp positioned right, but I just didn't want to have to get up and remove the lamp, and put it in another area just to take progress pictures.  I'd be up and down and up and down every five minutes.  So here is a picture of how it looks in a little bit better lighting.  This is how it really looks so far.

Back at it.  Here are some more updated pictures.
Still have a long way to go yet.

New updates.
 Almost Done.

Finally finished.  The pictures were hard to take but here are some shots of it completed.

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