Thursday, April 16, 2015

Now For My Next Trick:

Ok, Canvas painting time again.  If anyone remembers the last painting I did for that Fallen Officers charity thing I was asked to donate a painting to  last year, I was contacted again by the same person to do another one.  I said yes.  Here's the last one I did a year ago if anyone remembers.

This next one I'm doing is based more of Fallen Firemen than Cops. Not because of any biased. Just because I didn't a have a lot of prior notice and was having some trouble coming up with a concept for this new one involving both Dalmations and German Shepherds.  I would've needed a little more time to try and figure out something else, so I scanned through pictures of dogs online and usually when I see something I can work with to put into a painting, I get a vision.  So I did a firedog memorial painting this time.  AND, since the last time I used the name of a fallen fireman in the painting, this time I'm also using the name of a fallen fireman.  I looked up a story in the news where a Lt. Ambelas was killed tragically in a burning building last summer in NY.  So I've added his ladder company number 119, and his name to the helmet. 

So this is the concept for the new painting.  It looks a little crude right now,...well,  a lot crude right now.  But what I'm going to for is a mostly black and white and grey tone painting with the red color being more bright.  You know how you see those painting or photographs where they're black n white and the only other color is like bright red or blue or something? Well, that's the idea.  Anyway, stay tuned tonight because I'm going to start painting it and will put step by step progress shots in a post as I go.  It's going to be 24 inches by 30 inches in size acrylic canvas. 


  1. I remember the other one with both dogs - beautiful! I am looking forward to seeing the progress on this one as well. - TJ

  2. Thank you. I was supposed to start on it last night but I hadn't slept in so long I was out. Then I was busy all day today and tomorrow I am going to be out in the yard all day so I think since it's supposed to rain all day Sunday I will start him then. So I should have the progress shots started in the Blog by Sunday night.