Friday, April 10, 2015

Important Message Regarding Posted Comments!!

Hey guys, I'm gonna leave this up at the top of the blog for a while just because it's an announcement.  The updates on the Appaloosa's progress will continue in the thread directly under this one.  I got an email from someone today saying they were having trouble posting in my blog and they emailed to let me know this was a continuous problem for them.  I'd often wondered why I get so much traffic to the blog every day but hardly any posts.  And it's been like that for a while now. Apparently a LONG while. I get emails in response to blog posts all the time from people who've visited regularly, but I never asked if there were any problems.  Just assumed they would rather email directly.   I had no idea this was going on with the blog and that people had been trying to post and simply couldn't. I just thought most people had nothing to post. lol  
 I did have some trouble with the blog a while ago posting pictures, but I blamed that on AOL, and IE.  Both browsers basically froze up every time I tried to upload images.  Now, I'm starting to realize that's mostly Google because they obviously want people to use their own browser, Chrome. So mysteriously other browsers are having more and more trouble accessing, processing, navigating Google owned/associated sites, aps, and programs.    So reluctantly I had to download Chrome again just to be able to use my blog and upload pictures to it.  I also can't right click to save, or even access Google images with AOL anymore without it freezing up and refusing to display more than 8 pictures.  It's beyond annoying.  So, if anyone has been having trouble posting on this blog, asking a question about a tutorial, or requesting things or anything else, let me know by emailing me directly.  
(it's spelled with a zero)
Also, I've just changed the setting on the blog to allow unregistered users (anyone and everyone) the ability to post comments, but this is going to be on a temporary basis because I don't want spammers to flood the site with a bunch of material I'll have to delete.  But for now it's open just to see if people will be able to post that way. 

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