Friday, December 5, 2014

New Kirin Filly, Pegasus, and a Suffolk Punch...(I hope):

Here she is.  A third Kirin. This is a new little filly Kirin and she's scratching her little beard.  I like her so far.  She's gonna be just as cute as the first set.

Now I'm doing a Pegasus model.  I was doing this one for myself but I don't know.  I'm planning to affix a eye-ring into the model between the wings on the back so he can be hung from the ceiling or from a stand.  I wanted to have him in my bedroom or living room hainging from the ceiling flying.

Now, I'm doing a Suffolk Punch out of this classic sized drafter model shire.  I hope.  I've got to shorten the front leg I know and it's just got a lot more work to be done to it.  I want it to be a heavier short legged draft breed and I've wanted to do an old-school Suffolk Punch for a while.
I've got a lot of sculpt work to do to the legs and feet as well. I'm still just doing the first stages of body bulking.  

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