Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Gizmo and Sushi had babies!:

Sushi and Gizmo are the proud parents of 6 little babies. 4 boys and 2 girls. I think at least two are tri-colored and the rest are black and white. 3 might be tri-colored.  The tan markings wont come in for a few more days but two of the pups have some golden blush coming in on the cheeks. 
The two girls are on the far right. 

The girls are on the far right again below and I think the male on the far left in the below shot is one of the tri-colored ones. 

The picture below shows the two girls on the right. One has two spots on her back that make a band and the other one has a tiny little black arrow on her tail base.

The last two pictures below is of only the males. One little male is going to have almost a whole solid white body. I hope he's one with tri-colored facial markings. That would be really neat looking. But I think he's probably one of the black and white ones. I'm having so much trouble telling them apart. They were just born yesterday so I'll have time to get to learn their markings.

I created a Birth Certificate!

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