Thursday, February 2, 2017

Second Update For Today:

Moving along with the painting.  Here I've added the roaning to the neck and will start lifting it in spots.

This is after some lifting and more layers.

Here I've pinked out the muzzle and areas of the face.

Now I've gone back and covered most of the flesh in black with small spots showing through. I'm also adding more layers to the white appy spots on the neck, upper body and face.

Still more layers. She's got a ways to go yet. But she's getting better each time I work on her. (I think)


  1. Replies
    1. No problem, I like the ref you picked. Is there any chance she gets on sale?

    2. She'll more than likely go up on Ebay when she's complete. I'll put a link here and in MH$P.

    3. Okay, I hope I will have the funds then. But if I miss her, did you accept commission? I want a piece from you for ages.