Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Out of the Illness ...into the Hunger Games:

On the brightest note, I'm over my phuemonia!  Thankfully!  I'm ready to do some more art.  I've got a portrait to do and a couple horses to complete. I'll keep the world posted.  
On the sadder note, I have just lost two hours of my life I will never get back.  I watched the DUMBEST, absolutely the most retarded movie ever put on film.  
The Hunger Games Catching Fire. 
I have never in my life seen such crap.  I tried watching The Hunger Games once before, but I remember I fell asleep in the first 30 minutes of it.  I don't remember anything but how incredibly hideous the beautiful Elizabeth Banks can truely be made into with whatever they managed to find hinding in Ru Paul's wardrobe closet.  But this movie has got to be the dumbest concept for films I've ever seen.  The whole thing makes NO SENCE whatsoever.  It's so stupid. I'm literally pissed I can't get that two hours back and spend them watching  COPS or something.  I could have been watching reruns of .....ANYTHING.  I'd rather have wasted two hours on The Weather Channel....  No.  What do I waste two hours of my life on...?
Drag Queens Meets Gladiators.  It's like The Fifth Element crossed with Mortal Combat. My God I've never been so disgusted in a movie.  What is with the hype for this thing?  My new most hated name for a girl has got to be Kattness.  My God! And it's times like these I wish I drank! 
Rant Over... 

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